Aryaman Khandelwal is a 17 year old social entrepreneur, optimist, and problem-solver. He is the founder of Get2Greater – a system that allows villagers in rural areas of developing countries to more easily access healthcare. Khandelwal hopes to better the world around him by enabling others to reach their full potential. He also founded SparkXL – a platform for increasing student motivation by showcasing outstanding student work. He believes that education is the inspiration that can create opportunities for students and empower them to make a positive change in their communities, and that an individualized, forward-looking school system is instrumental in that process. He has been chosen as one of 20 national recipients of the 2017 Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes, given to young people who have done significant work to help others, one of 33 Global Teen Leaders chosen internationally by the We Are Family Foundation, and a TEDx speaker on the topic of American public education. 

​Aryaman will share his experience and insights on the surprising keys to success of the American education system, and then lead a student round-table discussion on the impact that agency, creativity, and authenticity has on today’s learners.